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Trae Young, the dynamic point guard of the Atlanta Hawks, is known for his incredible skills on the basketball court. However, off the court, he’s also become a subject of conversation due to his hair loss journey.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into Trae Young’s experience with hair loss, the factors that may have contributed, and the ways he’s dealt with it.

Trae Young’s Early Career and Hair

The Rising Star with a Full Head of Hair

Trae Young burst onto the basketball scene with the University of Oklahoma, sporting a thick head of hair. His youthful appearance and stylish haircuts were part of his signature look as he rose through the ranks of college basketball.

The NBA Journey Begins

When Trae Young was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2018, he continued to display his exceptional talent on the court. However, fans started to notice changes in his hair. His once-thick hairline appeared to be receding.

Factors That May Have Contributed to Trae Young’s Hair Loss


One of the primary factors in hair loss is genetics. If there’s a family history of male pattern baldness, it can significantly increase the likelihood of experiencing hair loss. Trae Young’s genetics may have played a role in his hair thinning.

Stress and the NBA Lifestyle

The NBA lifestyle can be incredibly demanding, with constant travel, rigorous training, and high-pressure games. This level of stress can contribute to hair loss, as stress-related hair loss is a well-documented phenomenon.

Hairstyling Choices

NBA players are known for their unique and stylish haircuts. Frequent styling, the use of hair products, and even wearing headbands can impact hair health. Trae Young’s evolving hairstyle choices may have affected his hairline.

Trae Young’s Hair Loss Journey: Lessons and Insights

Embracing Change

Trae Young’s journey teaches us that change is a part of life. Embracing change, whether it’s in our appearance or circumstances, can lead to personal growth and self-acceptance.

Confidence in the Spotlight

Young’s confidence on and off the court, despite his changing appearance, has been an inspiration. It underscores the power of self-assuredness in the face of societal beauty standards.

Hair Care Awareness

Trae Young’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of hair care. Maintaining a healthy hair routine, avoiding excessive heat and chemicals, and seeking professional advice when needed are vital aspects of hair health.

Seeking Professional Guidance

For those concerned about hair loss, Trae Young’s journey highlights the importance of seeking professional guidance.

Consulting with a dermatologist or hair specialist can provide insights into the causes of hair loss and potential treatments.


Trae Young’s hair loss journey is a testament to the resilience and self-assuredness of an NBA star. It also reminds us of the significance of genetics, lifestyle choices, and hair care in maintaining healthy hair.

Whether you’re a basketball fan or someone facing similar hair loss challenges, Trae Young’s story offers valuable insights and life lessons.

It’s a story of embracing change, finding confidence in one’s unique look, and taking care of your hair while dominating on the NBA stage.

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