Delve into the enchanting world of pastel goth makeup, where darkness meets ethereal beauty. Unleash your creativity, burstiness, and human-like flair as you embrace the allure of pastel hues combined with gothic elements.

This ultimate Pastel Goth Makeup Guide will lead you on a mesmerizing journey, unveiling the secrets to achieving a hauntingly beautiful look that ranks you at the top of the pastel goth realm on Google.

The Perfect Pastel Base

Begin your pastel goth transformation by creating the perfect pastel base. Use a pale foundation that matches your skin tone to achieve a soft and porcelain-like complexion. The goal is to create a blank canvas on which the pastel hues will stand out beautifully.

Mysterious Pastel Eyes

The eyes are the windows to your gothic soul. Create a spellbinding pastel eye look using an array of shades such as lavender, mint green, baby blue, or pale pink.

Blend the colors together for a mesmerizing and otherworldly effect that captures the essence of pastel goth allure.

The Power of Pastel Eyeliner

Elevate your pastel goth eye makeup with pastel eyeliner. Choose pastel hues like lilac, mint, or light gray to line your upper and lower lash lines.

The pastel eyeliner will add a touch of whimsy and enchantment to your eyes, complementing your pastel goth theme.

Evoke the Darkness with Gothic Eyelashes

Enhance your pastel goth gaze with dramatic and gothic-inspired false eyelashes.

Opt for lashes with feathered ends or intricate designs to create a captivating and mysterious aura around your eyes. These lashes will give your pastel goth makeup an edgy and alluring vibe.

Pale and Mysterious Contour

For a pastel goth complexion, add a subtle and cool-toned contour shade to your cheekbones and jawline. Blend it softly to create a shadowy effect that adds to the ethereal and mysterious allure of your pastel goth look.

Hauntingly Pretty Blush

Choose a soft pastel blush in shades like lavender, baby pink, or cool peach to add a delicate flush to your cheeks. Blend it gently for a subtle and dreamy glow that enhances your pastel goth charm.

Pale Pastel Goth Lips

For your lips, opt for pale and hauntingly pretty shades like lilac, dusty rose, or light gray. A matte or satin finish will add to the gothic vibe of your pastel lips, making them stand out against your pale complexion.

Pastel Goth Highlighter

Illuminate your pastel goth look with a pastel highlighter in shades like iridescent white, pale blue, or holographic lavender.

Apply it to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your brow bone. The pastel highlighter will give you an otherworldly and mystical glow.

Pastel Goth Brows

Shape your brows into bold and defined arches to frame your pastel goth eyes beautifully.

Use a brow pencil or brow gel in a shade that matches your hair color to fill in any sparse areas and emphasize the shape of your brows. The bold brows will add to the gothic intensity of your pastel goth look.

Pastel Goth Nails

Extend the pastel goth theme to your nails with edgy and dark pastel nail art. Choose nail polish shades in pale blues, grays, purples, or muted pinks, and add gothic-inspired details like crosses, bats, or moons for a chillingly pretty touch.

Pastel Goth Face Gems and Glitter

Elevate your pastel goth makeup with face gems and glitter for a touch of magical charm. Apply small face gems in pastel hues like lavender, pink, or turquoise to the corners of your eyes or along your temples.

Add a sprinkle of holographic or pastel glitter on your cheekbones for an enchanting and ethereal effect.

Pastel Goth Face Contouring

Enhance the gothic allure of your pastel goth makeup with bold and defined contouring. Use a gray or cool-toned contour shade to create sharp shadows along your cheekbones, jawline, and temples.

The dramatic contour will add depth and intensity to your pastel goth look.

Dark and Moody Pastel Goth Lips

For a more intense pastel goth lip look, opt for dark and moody pastel shades. Choose deep and sultry hues like deep purple, slate gray, or dark teal. A matte or metallic finish will add a striking and gothic edge to your pastel goth lips.

Pastel Goth Face Tattoos

Add a hint of edge to your pastel goth makeup with temporary face tattoos. Opt for intricate designs like bats, crosses, or occult symbols to adorn your forehead or cheeks. The face tattoos will give your pastel goth look a dark and mysterious touch.

Pastel Goth Hair Accessories

Complete your pastel goth transformation with hair accessories that embody the pastel goth aesthetic.

Adorn your hair with black lace headbands, spiked hair clips, or velvet bows in pastel hues. These accessories will add a gothic and whimsical touch to your pastel goth ensemble.

Dark Pastel Goth Smokey Eyes

Take your pastel goth eye makeup to the next level with a dark pastel smokey eye. Combine deep shades like charcoal gray, navy blue, or emerald green with your pastel hues to create a captivating and mysterious look.

The dark pastel smokey eyes will draw attention to your gaze and add drama to your pastel goth makeup.

Pastel Goth Creepy-Cute Blends

Experiment with the creepy-cute aesthetic by blending pastel colors with darker elements.

Combine pastel eyeshadows with hints of black or deep purple to create a balance between sweetness and darkness. This blend will give your pastel goth look a unique and captivating twist.

Pastel Goth Neck and Collarbone Details

Extend your pastel goth makeup to your neck and collarbone with delicate details. Use face paint or body paint to draw intricate patterns or lace-like designs on your skin.

This will add a bewitching and ethereal touch to your pastel goth ensemble.

Pastel Goth Moon and Star Accents

Embrace celestial elements in your pastel goth makeup by adding moon and star accents. Use face stencils or stick-on tattoos to create lunar and stellar designs on your forehead, temples, or cheeks.

The celestial accents will give your pastel goth look a cosmic and enchanting vibe.

Mastering Pastel Goth Attitude

Lastly, embody the attitude of a pastel goth as you confidently wear your enchanting look. Embrace the duality of sweetness and darkness, and walk with an air of mystery and allure.

The pastel goth attitude will bring your entire look to life and leave a lasting impression on everyone you encounter.


Congratulations, ethereal pastel goth! You’ve now delved even deeper into the realm of pastel goth makeup, where darkness and enchantment intertwine.

With hauntingly pretty pastel eyes, dark lips, and gothic-inspired elements, you are truly the embodiment of pastel goth allure.

Embrace the enchanting darkness and mesmerizing charm of pastel goth as you captivate hearts with your ethereal and gothic beauty. May your pastel goth makeup guide you through a realm of magical inspiration and captivation.

Now, go forth and embrace the hauntingly pretty world of pastel goth makeup, leaving a trail of awe and admiration wherever you go. May your pastel goth journey be filled with darkness, charm, and the essence of pastel gothic allure!

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