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When it comes to the world of snowboarding, the name “Burton” stands tall, representing quality, innovation, and style. Among their impressive lineup of snowboards, one model that captivates riders and enthusiasts is the Burton Lipstick.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the enchantment of the Burton Lipstick, exploring its design, features, performance, and why it has become a beloved choice for women riders.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of this iconic snowboard and experience the thrill of carving your own path on the mountain.

The Burton Lipstick: Unleashing Feminine Power on the Slopes

The Burton Lipstick is a snowboard designed specifically for women riders who crave freestyle performance without compromising style and control.

This versatile board offers a perfect blend of responsiveness, playfulness, and stability, empowering female snowboarders to push their limits and conquer any terrain.

With its distinctive design and remarkable performance, the Burton Lipstick has earned its place as a beloved choice among women riders worldwide.

Unveiling the Design and Construction

The design and construction of the Burton Lipstick play a pivotal role in its performance and overall appeal. Let’s explore its key design elements:

Shape: The Burton Lipstick features a directional twin shape, combining the best attributes of a twin board (symmetrical shape for switch riding) and a directional board (enhanced control and stability). This allows riders to confidently ride both regular and switch stances.

Flex: With a medium flex, the Burton Lipstick offers the ideal balance between playfulness and responsiveness. It provides enough flex for effortless presses and tricks, while still maintaining stability and control at high speeds.

Core: The Burton Lipstick boasts a powerful Super Fly II™ core, crafted from a blend of lightweight woods, resulting in a board that is strong, poppy, and highly responsive.

This core provides a lively and energetic ride, ensuring a memorable experience on the mountain.

Base: Equipped with a sintered base, the Burton Lipstick offers exceptional speed and durability. The sintered base material allows for optimal glide and absorbs wax effectively, ensuring consistent performance across various snow conditions.

Performance and Versatility on the Mountain

The Burton Lipstick excels in a variety of terrains and conditions, making it a versatile companion for adventurous riders. Let’s explore its performance attributes:

Freestyle Dominance: The Burton Lipstick is designed for freestyle enthusiasts, offering a playful and forgiving ride. Its medium flex allows riders to effortlessly execute tricks, jumps, and spins in the park, while still maintaining stability and control on natural features.

All-Mountain Exploration: While the Burton Lipstick shines in the park, it doesn’t shy away from all-mountain exploration.

Its directional twin shape and responsive flex provide riders with the confidence to carve through groomers, float in powder, and navigate challenging terrain.

Edge Control: The Frostbite Edges on the Burton Lipstick extend slightly beneath the bindings, delivering exceptional edge hold on icy or hard-packed snow.

This feature enhances control and stability, allowing riders to confidently tackle challenging conditions.

Maneuverability: The Burton Lipstick’s True Twin Flex creates a consistent feel when riding both regular and switch. This balanced flex pattern enhances maneuverability, giving riders the freedom to explore the mountain and unleash their creativity.

Riding Style and Skill Level Suitability

The Burton Lipstick is designed to cater to a specific riding style and skill level. Let’s see who can benefit the most from this exceptional snowboard:

Freestyle Enthusiasts: The Burton Lipstick is the perfect choice for women who love to express themselves through freestyle riding.

Whether it’s hitting the park, jibbing, or spinning off natural features, this board provides the playfulness and response needed for an exhilarating freestyle experience.

Intermediate to Advanced Riders: The Burton Lipstick is best suited for intermediate to advanced riders who seek a board that can handle their progression and performance demands.

Its versatility, stability, and maneuverability make it an ideal companion for those looking to push their skills to new heights.

Embracing the Burton Legacy

Burton Snowboards has established a legacy of excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of snowboard design and performance.

With the Burton Lipstick, the brand continues its commitment to providing women riders with exceptional products tailored to their needs and preferences.

By choosing the Burton Lipstick, riders become part of a community that celebrates diversity, empowerment, and the exhilaration of shredding down the mountain.


The Burton Lipstick is more than just a snowboard; it’s an embodiment of empowerment, style, and performance.

With its carefully crafted design, versatility, and exceptional performance attributes, the Burton Lipstick has become a favorite among women riders who seek to unleash their passion and creativity on the mountain.

Whether you’re an aspiring freestyle enthusiast or an experienced rider craving a board that can handle any challenge, the Burton Lipstick will undoubtedly elevate your snowboarding experience to new heights.

Prepare to carve your own path, leave your mark on the slopes, and embrace the enchantment of the Burton Lipstick.

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