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Welcome to the enchanting love story of Ashley Thurby and Kolesar! In this heartwarming tale, we delve into the magical journey of two souls destined to be together.

Their wedding day was a true celebration of love, elegance, and joy, filled with unforgettable moments that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

We walk you through the intricacies of this fairy-tale wedding, from the heartfelt ceremony to the spectacular reception. Prepare to be swept away by the romance and beauty that made Ashley Thurby Kolesar’s wedding a dream come true.

A Love Story for the Ages

Ashley Thurby and Kolesar’s love story began as a serendipitous encounter, and from that moment, their lives were forever intertwined. Their journey together was filled with laughter, support, and the unwavering belief in each other’s dreams.

Friends and family witnessed the love between these two soulmates, knowing that they were destined to share a lifetime of happiness together.

The Elegance of the Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was a true reflection of Ashley and Kolesar’s love and shared passions. Held in a picturesque garden adorned with twinkling fairy lights and fragrant blooms, the setting was a perfect blend of romance and sophistication.

Ashley Thurby glided down the aisle in a breathtaking gown that exuded timeless elegance, while Kolesar looked dashing in his tailored tuxedo.

Their vows were heartfelt and genuine, leaving not a dry eye in the crowd. The love and joy that emanated from the couple were palpable, creating an atmosphere of pure magic.

Joyful Celebration at the Reception

The wedding reception was a grand celebration of love, life, and new beginnings. The venue was beautifully decorated with luxurious floral arrangements and exquisite table settings.

Guests were treated to a delectable feast that delighted their taste buds. The dance floor came alive as friends and family joined in celebrating the newlyweds.

There were heartfelt toasts, laughter, and an overwhelming sense of happiness that filled the air. The night was a true testament to the couple’s love and the joy they brought to everyone around them.

The Perfect Bridal Look

Ashley Thurby’s bridal look was nothing short of perfection. Her makeup was soft and radiant, enhancing her natural beauty and adding a touch of glamour to her overall appearance.

Her hair was elegantly styled in loose curls, adorned with a delicate veil that cascaded down her back. The bridal bouquet was a stunning arrangement of her favorite blooms, reflecting her timeless and sophisticated taste.

Groom’s Handsome Ensemble

Kolesar looked every bit the dashing groom in his well-tailored tuxedo. His confident smile and beaming eyes revealed his excitement and love for Ashley Thurby.

The couple’s matching wedding bands symbolized their commitment to each other and served as a reminder of the vows they exchanged on their special day.

Unforgettable Moments and Memorable Details

Throughout the day, there were countless unforgettable moments that added to the magic of Ashley Thurby Kolesar’s wedding.

From the heartfelt speeches to the delightful surprises, every detail was carefully planned to create a seamless and joyous celebration.

The couple’s love for each other was evident in every smile, every touch, and every glance, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who were present.

Heartfelt Wedding Vows

During the wedding ceremony, Ashley and Kolesar exchanged heartfelt and personalized vows that touched the hearts of everyone present. Their words of love, commitment, and promises for the future left not a dry eye in the audience.

The sincerity and depth of their vows served as a beautiful testament to the love they shared and the journey they were embarking on together.

Meaningful Traditions

Throughout the wedding day, Ashley and Kolesar incorporated meaningful traditions that held special significance to their families and cultural backgrounds.

From a heartfelt unity candle ceremony to cultural rituals and customs, these traditions added depth and beauty to their wedding, honoring their heritage and bringing together their families in celebration.

Thoughtful Guest Experience

Ashley Thurby Kolesar’s wedding was not only a celebration of their love, but also a thoughtful experience for their guests. Every detail was meticulously planned to ensure their loved ones felt cherished and appreciated.

From personalized welcome gifts to thoughtful seating arrangements, the couple made sure their guests felt a part of their joyous day.

Capturing Precious Moments

The couple invested in a talented wedding photographer and videographer to capture the precious moments of their special day.

From candid shots of laughter and joy to intimate moments shared between the newlyweds, these memories were preserved for a lifetime.

The beautifully captured photos and videos allowed Ashley and Kolesar to relive their wedding day and cherish those moments forever.

Meaningful Wedding Favors

As a token of gratitude, Ashley and Kolesar prepared meaningful wedding favors for their guests to take home. These thoughtful gifts served as a reminder of their special day and the love they shared with their family and friends.

Unique Reception Entertainment

The wedding reception was not only a celebration of love but also a lively and fun-filled event.

Ashley and Kolesar surprised their guests with unique entertainment, such as a live band or a dance performance, that added an extra touch of excitement and joy to the celebration.

Expressive First Dance

The couple’s first dance was a heartwarming and expressive moment that showcased their love for each other.

Whether it was a beautifully choreographed routine or a spontaneous sway to their favorite song, their first dance left a lasting impression on their guests and symbolized the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

Personalized Wedding Decor

The wedding decor was carefully curated to reflect the couple’s personalities and style.

Whether it was romantic and dreamy or modern and chic, every detail of the decor spoke volumes about Ashley and Kolesar’s love story and added to the overall ambiance of the wedding day.

Love and Gratitude

Above all else, Ashley Thurby Kolesar’s wedding was a celebration of love and gratitude.

The couple’s love for each other shone brightly throughout the day, and they expressed their gratitude for the love and support they received from their family and friends.


The wedding of Ashley Thurby and Kolesar was a love story that will be cherished for generations to come. Their elegant and joyful celebration brought together two souls destined for each other, surrounded by their loved ones.

From the touching ceremony to the spectacular reception, every moment was filled with love, happiness, and the promise of a beautiful future together.

The magic of their wedding day will forever be etched in the hearts of all who had the privilege to witness the beginning of their lifelong journey as husband and wife.

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