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Step back in time to the Swinging Sixties, an era of cultural transformation and fashion revolution. The 60s mod makeup captures the essence of this exciting period, characterized by bold statements, graphic lines, and a departure from traditional beauty norms.

We invite you to embrace the vibrant charm of 60s mod makeup and channel the iconic Twiggy-inspired looks that defined the era. From graphic eyes to bold lashes and pale lips, let’s dive into the mesmerizing world of 60s mod beauty.

The Swinging Sixties: A Time of Liberation

The 60s marked a significant shift in societal attitudes, fashion, and beauty. It was a time of liberation and self-expression, and the makeup trends of the era reflected this spirit.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of 60s mod makeup and discover the transformative power of bold, unconventional beauty.

Graphic Eyes: Emphasizing the Gaze

One of the defining features of 60s mod makeup was the emphasis on graphic eyes. Create sharp, defined lines using liquid or gel eyeliner to achieve the iconic mod look.

Experiment with bold colors like black, navy, or even vibrant hues like electric blue or emerald green for a striking effect. Extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corners of your eyes to create a signature winged or cat-eye shape that adds a touch of retro elegance.

Bold Lashes: Fluttering Statements

In the 60s, lashes took center stage, emphasizing the doe-eyed look that became synonymous with mod beauty. Enhance your lashes using volumizing mascaras or consider false lashes for an extra dramatic effect.

Opt for long, fluttery lashes that draw attention to your eyes and create an alluring gaze. Let your lashes become the focal point, framing your graphic eyes and adding a touch of feminine allure.

Pale Lips: A Subtle Contrast

To balance the intense focus on the eyes, 60s mod makeup often featured pale or nude lips. Choose lipsticks or glosses in soft shades of pink, peach, or beige to achieve a subtle contrast against the bold eye makeup.

The understated lip color allows the eyes to remain the focal point while maintaining a sophisticated and polished overall look.

Twiggy-Inspired Beauty: Channeling Iconic Style

No discussion of 60s mod makeup is complete without mentioning Twiggy, the ultimate style icon of the era. Embrace the spirit of Twiggy’s iconic look by focusing on defined lashes, graphic eyes, and a youthful, doll-like complexion.

Take inspiration from her unique style and make it your own, infusing your personality into the mod trends and creating a look that exudes confidence and individuality.


The captivating allure of 60s mod makeup continues to inspire and captivate us today. By embracing graphic eyes, bold lashes, pale lips, and channeling the spirit of the Swinging Sixties, you unlock a world of retro beauty that celebrates liberation and self-expression.

Let the mod revolution guide you as you create your own interpretation of this iconic makeup look, allowing your inner fashionista to shine with creativity and flair.

Note: For a step-by-step tutorial on achieving the perfect 60s mod makeup look, check out this 60s Mod Makeup Tutorial here. Immerse yourself in the fashion revolution of the Swinging Sixties and unleash your inner mod goddess with confidence and style.

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